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Convert your website visitors into buyers
Create interactive product finder quizzes that help your customers select the right product.

Product Finders

Your personal sales assistants

Zuvoo by SMARTASSISTANT is a solution specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. With Zuvoo you can get interactive Product Finders for your website or e-commerce store!

Integrated on your site, a Product Finder works like a virtual sales assistant and helps your visitors find the right product! Enjoy the benefits of interactive product advice.

Stop confusing customers, start selling more!

Zuvoo Product Finders

Decision Support

Help shoppers choose

Zuvoo Product Finders act like your virtual sales assistants.

They ask your visitors a few simple questions to find out their needs and wants.
Based on the answers, each customer gets personal product recommendations. Choosing the right product has never been easier!

Don't overwhelm. Advise!

Decision Support with Product Finders


Powerful conversion-booster for your business

Consumers do not purchase, if they don't understand the value of your products. With Zuvoo, you can pick up advice-seeking shoppers before they drop off and guide them to products that are right for them.

Stop losing customers before they convert. Guide them to the right products and boost their purchase confidence!

Product Finders for Sales

How It Works

Start advising your customers now!

Getting your Product Finder is easy. All you need is structured product data (a simple spreadsheet or product feed). Combining your customer knowledge and our expertise, we develop and implement a Q&A flow that guides your customers to the right products!

We take care of the setup and design! You just integrate it!

Zuvoo Product Finders

Create personalized

Integrated into your site, your Zuvoo Product Finder asks your visitors a few simple questions, instead of confronting them with abstract product features.
Zuvoo Product Finders

Convince without
being pushy

Your Zuvoo Product Finder guides shoppers to products that match their individual needs. Build trust by letting them understand why a certain product is right for them.
Zuvoo Product Finders

Enjoy the Benefits

Lower Return Rates

Reduced Support Costs

Lower Bounce Rates

Increased Sales

Higher Conversion

Available 24/7

Personalized Advice

Exceptional Customer Experience

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