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Frequently asked questions about Zuvoo

What is Zuvoo?

Zuvoo is a web-based software solution powered by SMARTASSISTANT, the leading Digital Advice technology. With Zuvoo you can get interactive Product Finders for your site that make it easy for your customers to select the right products.

How does Zuvoo work?

Just like in a quiz, your customers answer a few simple questions. Based on their answers, they get product recommendations that match their needs. To create confidence and educate your customers about the product benefits, Zuvoo shows why the recommended products are a good fit.

How do I get started?

To help you get started, we offer you to set up and design your Product Finder for free. Just sign up on this site. We'll reach out to develop a great concept for your Product Finder and explain the next steps.

What do I need to get a Product Finder?

Two things: a great concept and structured product data.

Your concept consists of the question-and-answer flow for your Product Finder (like a decision tree). The flow will be connected to the products' attributes. If you're using an e-commerce platform, you can simply export a list of your products from your system. Depending on your desired flow, your product data may need to be enriched. To create a truly unique experience, you can add pictures to the individual answers.

Find out more about what product data is and how to get it.

What's the difference between Zuvoo and SMARTASSISTANT?

Zuvoo is powered by SMARTASSISTANT - the Leader in AI Digital Sales Assistants. Zuvoo is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We help you get your first Product Finder up and running on your site. Test it out an grow your business with Zuvoo!

Can I get Zuvoo if my website is still being built?

We can build your Product Finder once we have the required resources. To find out more, check out "What do I need to get a Product Finder?". If you want to learn how your business can benefit from Zuvoo, contact us for a customized demo.

Which plan do I need?

Our plans differ in terms of the number of Product Finders, interactions and features. Using the Team license, you can get up to two Product Finders (e.g. one for skateboards and another one for bikes). If you're not sure how many interactions you will need per month, just test out our solution with the free plan. Then choose the plan that suits you most.

What means "Interactions"?

A new interaction is counted whenever a user enters a Product Finder or restarts it.

Find out more in our Software License Agreement. If you're not sure how many interactions you will need or have any other question, let's talk about it.

What happens when I run out of free interactions on my plan?

Don't worry! We never charge you and do not require a credit card to sign up. When you approach the limit that's included in your current plan, we will notify you. You can decide to switch to another plan. If you decide not to do that, your Product Finder will be paused every month, once you've hit the limit.

Can Zuvoo be integrated into my site?

No matter what system you're using, Zuvoo can be integrated into any site. We provide you with the integration code (one line of JavaScript). All you need to do is paste it into a dedicated subpage of your website (e.g.

Is there any coding involved?

Not at all! Getting your Product Finder is a breeze. We do our best to make it as easy as possible for you.

How can I measure the performance?

We will create a dedicated view on Google Analytics that will be shared with you. You can simply add it to your existing reports. The view already contains a range of KPIs that allow you to track your Product Finder's performance and give you insights into your visitors' behavior.

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